Data Protection Statement

English Version for your convenience. The German version below is the legally binding one.

This page describes the collection, processing, and usage of your personal data while visiting this website. Your data is protected within the legal regulations. This page explains what data are collected while visiting this website and how they are used.

We do not collect personal via this website.

1. Data Collection and Data Logging

We store log files about your visit with this content:

  • pseudonymised IP (no person identity can be establish, see explain below)

  • date and time of access

  • type of access (e.g. GET or POST)

  • visited page on website

  • protocol (e.g. HTTP 1.1)

  • amount of transmitted data

  • referring domain (e.g.

  • type of webbrowser

We do not save hostname or Ip address of your request. The collected data is not personal and don’t allow to find out who is visiting our website.

We only store pseudonymised IP addresses of visitors to the website. At the web server level, this happens by default by storing an IP address 123.123.123.XXX in the log file instead of the visitor’s actual IP address, for example, The “XXX” is a random value between 1 and 254, so it is no longer possible to establish the true identity of the visitor.

2. Use of Cookies

We do not use cookies.

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